Battery and Charger Maintenance Programs

IHE recognizes the importance of batteries properly functioning in order to keep your operation running effectively.  The battery is the most expensive part in your electric forklift.  If batteries are poorly maintained this will result in downtime to your equipment, battery replacements, and crucial production time lost.

Battery Maintenance Program


  • Certified technician will visually inspect the battery and overall condition.
  • Perform specific gravity reading
  • Clean corrosion off of the top of the battery.
  • Check water levels and watering system if it has one.
  • Check the cables, connectors, and caps for any damage.
  • Written quote will be provided on all repairs found.

Battery Wash Program

Batteries get built up acid corrosion over time and this acid can greatly damage the battery and forklift.  Depending on the condition IHE recommends having your batteries washed every 6 months or once a year.

Our portable battery wash station will be brought to your location where we will safely remove the battery from the forklift and place it in the wash station.  The battery will then be completely cleaned and free of acid and corrosion.

We capture all of the water and dispose of it at our location following the City of Sparks Environmental Standards.

 Charger Maintenance Program

The charger is essential in the proper operation of the forklift battery.  If the charger is not performing correctly you will experience short run times, operators constantly having to stop and plug in, frequent battery or equipment swaps.  IHE recommends having your charger maintained every year.


  • Certified technician will perform a visual inspection to determine condition of charger.
  • Blow out dust and any debris with air.
  • Check fuses, control boards, and verify it is set to the battery specs.
  • Written quote will be provided for any repairs found.


Please contact your Customer Service Representative to set up your battery and charger maintenance program.