Operator Safety Training Information

IHE understands the importance of having all of your operators trained on the equipment they will be operating.  It is the responsibility of every company to make sure the operators are trained and OSHA compliant.  Keeping the operators, other employees, and products safe is our number one goal when providing your company with Operator Safety Training.

Operator Safety Training Includes:

  • Trainer that has years of knowledge and experience in the material handling industry.
  • Training is done at your facility on the equipment the operators will actually be using.
  • Specific training material can be purchased depending on the fleet in your facility.
  • Consists of classroom and hands on training and demonstrations.
  • Certificate of completion will be provided to all who complete the class.

OSHA requires all operators to be trained on the specific equipment they are operating.  If an operator uses several different pieces of equipment they must be trained on every piece.  All new employees must go through operator training regardless of previous experience.

Please contact IHE today to schedule your training class.